Dear guests

We have created for you a small but fine menu with specialties from near and now and then also from far. For all our dishes we use of course meat from Switzerland, vegetables, eggs and dairy products from the region.

Coffee and cake are available from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm, kitchen from 6 pm to 8 pm.

During the high season we have our raclette evening every Monday. Between 6 and 8 pm you can enjoy a tasty raclette. In addition, we serve you various side dishes.

Your Glacier View Team


Green salad - 7.50 CHF

Colorful salad - 9.50 CHF

Carpaccio of dried meat (BEObeef) with arugula, cherry tomatoes & mountain cheese - 14 CHF

Caprese à la glacier view with Swiss burrata, cherry tomatoes cooked in balsamic (warm) & roasted pistachios - 18 CHF

Salmon tartare with home-pickled Canadian wild salmon (MSC), avocado, lime juice, herbs, ginger & home-baked bread - 19 CHF


Main courses

Roast beef baguette with homemade tomato baguette, roast beef (BEObeef), boiled egg, lettuce, sour cream & fried onions - 27 CHF

3 small potato rösti with homemade Canadian wild salmon (MSC) served with honey-mustard-dill sauce & salad - 32.50 CHF

Tarte flambée Moritz with creme fraiche, bacon & onions - 18 CHF

Tarte flambée Max with creme fraiche, goat cheese, figs, thyme, sesame & honey - 20 CHF

Wiener Schnitzel of veal with lemon, cranberries served with fries & cucumber salad - 40 CHF

Cordon Bleu of veal stuffed with cooked ham and camembert served with french fries & cucumber salad - 42 CHF

Camembert burger with beef patty (BEObeef), Swiss camembert, arugula, onion confit, cranberry sauce & burger sauce served with fries - 29.50 CHF

Baked potato with soure cream & salad - 18 CHF
+house pickled wild salmon (MSC) - 14 CHF
+roast beef (BEObeef) - 14 CHF
+dry meat (BEObeef) - 8 CHF
+Quinoa roast - 6.50 CHF

Rice bowl with basmati rice, cherry tomatoes, avocado, arugula, cucumber, radish, roasted peanuts, garlic, ginger,soy sesame sauce & tahini sauce (vegan) - 22.50 CHF

Beluga lentil bowl with beluga lentils, onions, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, radish, roasted peanuts, garlic, lemon dressing & tahini sauce (vegan) - 22.50 CHF
+house pickled wild salmon (MSC) - 14 CHF
+roast beef (BEObeef) - 14 CHF
+dry meat (BEObeef) - 8 CHF
+Quinoa roast - 6.50 CHF


Kids menu

Muggestutz salad with chickennuggets & house dressing - 14.50 CHF

Chicken nuggets & fries - 15.50 CHF

Children's tarte flambée with creme fraiche, cooked ham & cheese - 9.50 CHF

Portion of French fries with ketchup & mayonnaise / also for the big ones with small appetite - 9.50 CHF



Crème Brulée - 8 CHF

Homemade glacé - 5.50 CHF // Cream - 1.50 CHF

  • Amaretto & Poppy Glacé (with alcohol)
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Buttermilk Glacé
  • Gooseberry glacé
  • Coffee-chocolate-coconut glacé (vegan)

We wish you 'en Güeta'!


41+ (0)33 972 40 40

Opening hours

In May and June and from September until the end of the season we have our days off from Sunday to Tuesday. On the other days we serve coffee and cake from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 p.m., warm food between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m..

Celebrate parties on the Hasliberg in the glacier view

The Gletscherblick with its long history has seen many a celebration. Our house offers wonderful rooms and places to stay for very special moments in life. Whether a christening aperitif on the roof terrace with a wonderful view, an incomparable mountain wedding in our hall or an atmospheric birthday party on the garden terrace - we manage to bring your wishes to life in our rooms. In our team we have an experienced event manager and a very creative theater director, who together with you will make your celebration special.

Send us an email or call us directly, we look forward to meeting you.

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