The second generation of the family business "Gletscherblick".

In the mid-1940s, the world was beset by the turmoil of war, hardship and misery, and the future was uncertain. Many hoteliers from Hasliberg gave up their businesses, discouraged or out of sheer necessity. Not so Fritz Hirsig, who in 1944 married his lifelong prisoner Friedy, who came from the family of "The beautiful boatwoman of Brienz" Elisabetha Grossmann. Together they took the risk of continuing the life's work of Fritz's mother Elise Hirsig, who had founded the Hotel Gletscherblick in 1906. Giving up has never been the Hirsigs' motto.

The young couple was aware that they had to adapt to the requirements of modern times in order to successfully maintain the hotel business. So they introduced - a real gamble at the time! - introduced the winter season. But above all, many structural measures were now on the agenda: in 1952, the open arbor of the hotel was transformed into a tea room, in 1954, central heating was installed and every room received "running water". In the following years the old building was generally overhauled and thoroughly renovated and in 1964 the "Gletscherblick" was considerably extended with an annex. Rooms were added, each with its own bathroom and toilet, a larger, modern kitchen, the spacious, bright dining room, the elevator and the sauna. But the crowning glory of the extension was a roof terrace with a magnificent view of the mountains of the Bernese Oberland, which was and still is very popular. In short, the enterprising Fritz spent a quarter of a century awarding smaller and larger contracts to architects and tradesmen, and in doing so, he lived up to the Bernese motto "nume nit gschprängt, but gäng hü!" - In written German: "Langsam aber stetig" (slow but steady) or "Eile mit Weile" (hurry and take your time).